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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As The Blog World Turns!

Dr. Awesome Does It Again!

40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing is July 20th. Here are some little known facts of that historical landing.

Simple chart of the Dem's Healthcare plan! Wow.

Pee Powered Prototype fueling the cars of the future?

That's A Croc. I like mine, but they have many designs that are very ugly.

Gail Riplinger's new book is out. I wouldn't buy it to prop up my uneven table. I am sure this one is as crazy at her first one.

"Allow the lunge, step aside, mayhem!" A Dan Phillips classic post over at Pyro

Want to watch and listen in real time to the Moon Landing go here. 40 years ago on July 16th was the launch, and July 20th was the day they landed. The site is giving it in real time all the way through Monday. Wow it is amazing.

Is Michael Jackson In Heaven? Jason Boyett writes about that here. We can only see the outside, but his lifestyle did not show it.

Favorite Blog of the Week: Stuff Fundies Like

Some Pics For Your Enjoyment:

I wonder if this kid has nightmares?

HT: Biblical Christianity, Challies, Thinklings, Pyro, Hip and Thigh